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Agarwood Oil


"It is true that Agarwood oil is the most rare & precious products on earth, but only distiller are know that Agarwood Oil is produced by steam distillation of generally low-grade agarwood chips and powder, High grade Agarwood chips use in only develop to Agarwood Chips."


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Agarwood oilBotanical name: Aquilaria agallocha


Appearance: brown semi solid


Odor: Aromatic sweet-spicy fresh odor


Flash point: 170 C



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The Oud Oil that we obtain is from wild Aquillaria agollocha tree, and it is grown in Assam, India, which was originally one of the richest areas of wild & naturally occurring Agarwood trees. Only a tiny amount of Agarwood Oil at a time; be prepared for the slow release of its aroma over the next 10 to 12 hours.


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Agar wood oil also called by Oud oil in gulf (Middle East). And also we can say Aloes wood, Eaglewood, Gaharu oil, Aquilaria oil etc.


Agarwood oil Distillation:


Agarwood oil, Pure Agarwood oil, Indian Agarwood oilAgarwood oil, Agarwood oil India, Agarwood oil AssamWe are having a Agar wood oil-manufacturing factory in Assam (India) and Collect raw material form wild Wally of Assam & others places in East India for produce this oil. We are chooses only wild tree, more then 25 years old for production our products, So our products have the original Smell of nature oil. We used old method for production, so qualities of products are really appreciated. In production we use steam distill - Steel plant. Distillation method are begin with cut to small pieces of Agarwood chips, then pieces to wet for minimum 15 days in water, then after 15 days material are ready to distillation. Than in steel cauldron, we fill these materials and put fire under the cauldron. Now distillation are begin, by passing distillation period we find two different grades (Details are below).


Agar wood oil has only two grades. Grades are come from only distillation period.


Double Supper Grade - View Now...........
After progress two/three days (Distillation), We find Double Supper Grade oil, Its Smell is so precious.


Supper Grade - View Now...........
After Progress twelve/fifteen days (Distillation), We find Supper Grade oil.


Please wait, here a name of Agarwood - Boya Paste come in mind.


Agarwood Boya Paste obtain from raw wood of Agarwood. its is one cheapest Agarwood oil in the line of Agarwood oil. its appearance are just like wax and can be used in cream & others products. Price are low then above all grade. Boya Paste can not be use a perfumes, because it is so thick as wax & unable to put on skin.


Note: Agar wood oil Nature (Affect) is hot. Pure Agar wood oil are become freezing at 22C & become oil in 40C (Indian Normal Temperature)


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Uses of Agar wood oil:


 Agar wood oil are best for medicinal & Cosmetics uses. It is highly prized as an incense in Japan and as an oil in the Middle East. Because Agarwood is so rare, and so highly valued in Japan and the Middle East (where most of it ends up), it is little known in the West. But agarwood is truly amazing, and should be experienced by any connoisseur of essential oils. It is also so good for skin. Agar wood oil Nature is hot, so also used in increasing Sexual power.


Note (Packing Details):

'R K' are not bounded to any buyer for minimum quantity, we provide to buyer require quantity in wholesale price. Samples are buyers right, so we also offer to buyer, samples for quality test.

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