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The note of Rose Oil


Rose notes vary considerably one form another. In addition to the basic components mentioned below under Red Rose, Damascene Rose and Centrifolia Rose, we find some important auxiliary notes in the naturally occurring esters, as well as in n few aldehydes and acetals. Many other odorants also enter, in relatively small amounts but with the significant effect, into the composition of specialized rose notes, e.g. those of the tea rose.


Red Rose


This is usually considered to be the truest and finest type of rose odour. Its main constituents are rhodinol, phenylethyl alcohol, alpha-ionone and the very useful nerol. A more flowery effect is obtained by the addition of rose absolute and Bulgarian Rose Otto. Bulgarian Geranium Oil can, when obtainable , impart a much-appreciated green note.


Rosa Damascena


Among natural essential oils, this is represented by Indian Rose Oil. The basic of its odour is given by rhodinol, phenylethyl alcohol, geraniol expalmarosa oil, and cinnamic alcohol; always in association with certain natural essential oils and esters.


Rosa Centifolia


The Main constituents here are citronellol, geraniol, phenylethyl, alcohol and rhodinol together with smaller amount of adjuncts which given it a slightly sharp note, such as aldehyde, citral, etc.


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