Agarwood Oil (Double Super Oud)

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Agarwood Oil is one incredible fragrance in this world, which has a great smell, great properties and also demand over all fragrance of this world. Botanical name of this oil is Aquilaria agallocha. Others names of Aquilaria agallocha are Agar wood, Oud, Gaharu, Eagle wood etc.

The Oud Oil, that we obtain is from wild Aquillaria agollocha tree, and it is grown in Assam, India, which was originally one of the richest areas of wild & naturally occurring Agarwood trees. Only a tiny amount of Agarwood Oil at a time; be prepared for the slow release of its aroma over the next 10 to 12 hours.

Double Super Grade: After progress two/three days (Distillation). We find Double Supper Grade of Agarwood oil. Its Smell are so precious and top quality of Assam Agarwood oil. for more about distillation & product quality please visit below links.

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