Balsam Tolu Oil

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Botanical Name: Balsamum Tolutanum

The process of extraction produces three grades of balsam; the title 'Balsam of Peru' is derived from the fact of its being shipped from Peru. There are several fictitious Peruvian balsams found in commerce, but they do not contain the same properties. A white balsam is made from the fruit of Myroxylon Peruviatta or Pereiræ, which has a peculiar resinous body and none of the chemical constituents of Balsam of Peru; this is termed Myroxocarpin. Another substance obtained from the same tree and much used in Central America is termed Balsamito, it is an alcoholic extract of the young fruit.

Use: Balsam oil is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic (pulmonary and urinary), anti-catarrh, cicatrizant - promotes epithelial cell growth (epithelium: cellular tissue covering surfaces, forming glands, and lining most cavities of the body), diuretic, expectorant, and a stimulant. Balsam oil is beneficial for dry, chapped skin (use on skin diluted in carrier oil), eczema, rashes (diaper), cracked nipples, sores, wounds, parasites (ringworm, itch mite, and eggs), scabies, fungus, chronic asthma, bronchitis (chronic and asthmatic), coughs, and tuberculosis. Lessens mucus secretions and assists rheumatism pain. Balsam oil stimulates the heart and increases blood pressure. Balsam oil helps with flu, colds, viral infections, cystitis (coli-bacillus), stress, and nervous tension.

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