Blue Tansy Oil

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Botanical Name: Tanacetum annuum

Origin: Morocco

Grade: Therapeutic

Blend well with: The Essential Oil of Tansy blends well with those of cedar wood, helichrysum, lavender, ravensara, and rosemary.

This 100% pure Blue Tansy oil by Synergy Essentials is steam distilled from the wild-grown flowers of this Moroccan plant. Very highly recommended for its topical analgesic therapeutic effects, anti-histamine properties. The wildcrafted source makes for an absolutely beautiful aroma, likened to "a blueberry patch in the forest"...if you smell it, you'll agree!

This Blue Tansy essential oil is steam distilled using wild-harvested Moroccan blue tansy flowers. It has a deep blue color due to its chamulzine content, a highly anti-inflammatory compound modified from matracin and turned blue during the distillation process (this same change occurs when German Chamomile is distilled. Not to be confused with Tansy oil (which is generally not recommended for use by the majority of professional aromatherapists), Blue Tansy Oil is non-toxic, and has many similar properties to German 'Blue' Chamomile oil, with a somewhat lighter and sweeter tone. It's anti-inflammatory properties per drop will be slightly less, yet the aroma is more widely appreciated. Particularly this wildcrafted variety -- it's one of our favorites in the store.

The health benefits of Tansy Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, antiviral, febrifuge, insecticide, hormone stimulant, sedative, and vermifuge substance.

For centuries, Blue Tansy has been used to relieve symptoms from an array of histamine-mediated allergic reactions. The active ingredient, chamulzine may also quite useful for asthma when blended with Ravensara. It is one of the primary oils recommended for sinus allergies, especially for children who don't mind a little "war paint" on their face (as it will be a bit blue at their sinus areas for a while). It's also one of the first choices for relief of itching or irritation from mosquito and other insect bites and stings. A drop may be place on "neat", or used in a soothing carrier such as coconut or tamanu oils.

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