Sandalwood Oil (Indian)

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Santalol: 90% ~ 92%

we are offering here world famous Mysore Indian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album).

Sandalwood is the name for several fragrant woods and their essential oil. Most are medium-sized hemiparasitic trees of the Santalaceae family of the genus, Santalum. The most notable members of this group are Santalum album, Indian Sandalwood and Santalum spicatum, Australian sandalwood. Several other members of the genus species also have fragrant wood and are found across India, Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. Sandalwood has been valued for centuries for its fragrance, woodworking and for various purported medicinal qualities.

Sandalwood Oil Use:
Sandalwood essential oil provides perfumes with a striking wood base note. Sandalwood smells not unlike other wood scents, except it has a bright and fresh edge with few natural analogues. When used in smaller proportions in a perfume, it is an excellent fixative to enhance the head space of other fragrances. The oil from sandalwood is widely used in the cosmetic industry and it is expensive. The true sandalwood is a protected species and its demand cannot be met.

Sandalwood oil has a characteristic sweet, woody odour which is widely employed in the fragrance industry, but more particularly in the higher-priced perfumes. It has excellent blending properties and the presence of a large proportion of high-boiling constituents in the oil (about 90-92 percent santalol Contents) also makes it valuable as a fixative for other fragrances. In India, where it is produced, it is used in this manner for the manufacture of traditional attars such as rose attar; the delicate floral oils are distilled directly into sandalwood oil.

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